Recreational diver training

Some of the programs we offer fall under the category of recreational diving — even though we provide these courses primarily to help students prepare for cave, technical or leadership training. Courses such as Nitrox, Sidemount and Rescue Diver fall into this category.

Nitrox Diver


Nitrox is a gas mixture with more oxygen and less nitrogen than is normally found in air. Its benefits include longer no-deco bottom times, shorter surface intervals and reduced decompression. Nitrox Diver training is essential for cave and technical diving. Learn more…

Recreational Sidemount


The ability to dive sidemount offers benefits for a wide variety of divers. It allows cave divers to pass through low, wide bedding planes with ease. It enables tech divers to dive dual cylinders when manifolded doubles are not readily available. For divers with physical limitations, it provides the opportunity to don heavy equipment in the water. Learn more…

Rescue Diver


Rescue Diver training is about more than just managing emergencies if and when they arise, it’s also about developing the situational awareness that enables you to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place. It meets an important prerequisite for cave, technical and leadership training. Learn more…