All of the following forms are interactive Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Although you can complete them the old-fashioned way (i.e., print them and fill them out by hand), the preferred method is for you to first save them to your computer and then re-open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro. This way you can:

  • Fill them out on screen
  • Digitally sign them
  • Save them and email them back to Reggie

Completing the forms in Acrobat improves legibility and allows you to save a copy of these forms for your records.

WarmingImportant: Clicking on the form icon or download link will either save the document to your computer or open it in a separate web browser window. If the PDF opens in a web browser window do not attempt to fill it out there. Your data will be unreadable or lost. Right-click (control-click) on the PDF to save it to your computer. Re-open it only in Acrobat to ensure all data is saved.

NSS-CDS Waiver

CDS WaiverComplete and sign this form for all cavern and cave diving courses. Download…




NASE Waiver

NASE WaiverComplete and sign this form for all courses. Download…



RSTC Medical History

Medical formAll students must complete the standard RSTC Medical History. Be aware you must write out the words YES or NO to each question (no checkmarks or Xs). In Acrobat you can do this by means of a drop-down menu. Be aware that if you answer YES to any question, you must secure a physician’s approval prior to the start of the course. Also, if printed, pages 1 and 2 must appear on opposite sides of a single sheet of paper; otherwise, the form is considered invalid. Download…